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Pregnancy care

Antenatal care or Pre-Natal care is clinical care given during pregnancy. It, ideally, should start at least 3 months before. So consult a gynecologist as soon as you start planning. WHO recommends at least 8 ANC visits for all pregnant women.

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A gynecologist will help you prepare for the changes that a pregnancy will bring on your body and mind. She will take a proper history and do a detailed examination to identify any risk behaviors, such as smoking and drinking or any existing medical or surgical condition which can affect your pregnancy, like thyroid disorder, diabetes, etc. She may also start supplements such as folic acid to support both conception and as well as pregnancy.
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    The First Trimester

    The first trimester ends at 12 weeks. During the first trimester, the body is getting prepared for the pregnancy, which includes rising levels of beta-hCG hormones. This process may cause discomfort like nausea, vomiting. Usually, vomiting and nausea are signs of a healthy pregnancy.
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      The Second Trimester

      In 2nd trimester, which is 13th week onwards, you will be prescribed iron, calcium, and Tetanus vaccination. From 16th week onwards, you should get yourself checked by your gynecologist every month for assessing fetal growth and maternal health.
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        The Third Trimester

        Between 28 to 30 weeks, your gynecologist will advise for a Repeat CBC, Urine, OGTT, and ultrasound for fetal well-being, and T-DAP booster for immunization. The T-DAP booster is a new guideline that replaces earlier Tetanus vaccination. 28 weeks onwards, you must visit your gynecologist every 2 weeks.
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          Delivery - Child Birth

          Delivery of your child is an important event of your life, full of excitement, as well as risks. Choose your prefered delivery partner with care. We have taken attachments with several nearby hospital, which present a range to the affordable ones to the best facilities. At present we have arrangements with Max Smart Super Specialty hospital in Saket (one of the best Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – NICU); Fortis Hospotal in Vasant Kunj; Chikitsa Hospital (a clean hygienic fully equipped affordable healthcare organisation), Aakash Hospital in Malviya Nagar, Nestiva Hospital in Munirika. To understand these, as well as other options, kindly contact us.

          9 months - 3 Trimesters
          Pregnancy Care

          Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman's womb.
          • 8
            minimum ANC visits, WHO recommended
          • 2
            minimum Ultrasound scans, level-1 and level-2
          • 40
            weeks, average term (child birth)

          How to have a healthy pregnancy?

          Antenatal care or Pre-Natal care is clinical care given during pregnancy. It, ideally, should start at least 3 months before. So consult a gynecologist as soon as you start planning. WHO recommends at least 8 ANC visits for all pregnant females. Supplements and regular check ups are necessary to have a healthy pregnancy.
          • Pre-conception Counselling

            Pre-conception counselling includes routine body checkup and blood tests, which helps diagnose and rule out any medical condition that can affect your pregnancy. It allows taking precautionary measures for best results.
          • Lifestyle Changes

            Quit smoking and drinking, immediately, and completely.. In fact, you should have done that even before the conception. Cut off caffeine, avoid stress, take adequate rest and enjoy this beautiful journey.
          • Diet & Nutrition

            A balance of protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables often get their colors from the nutrients they have inside. So eat fruits and vegetables with variety of colors.
          • Suppliments & Vitamins

            Usually, folic acids as soon as you decide to conceive, and continue till 3 months of pregnancy, under the guidance of a gynecologist. Vitamin D, B12, and magnesium are also recommended to support pregnancy.
          • Exercise & Yoga

            Go for a walk and keep a light fitness regime. Exercise during pregnancy provides flexibility to your body, decreases stress, relieves muscle strains, and increases the chances of normal delivery. If in doubt always consult your gynecologist for what to be done and what to be avoided. Yoga and meditation are quite helpful.
          • Investigations

            OGTT (blood sugar), Thyroid, Blood group, Thalassemia screening (HPLC), Viral markers, CBC, and Urine tests -- are just the baseline investigations to be done in early pregnancy. These and more such will be prescribed by a gynecologist. Don’t do them on your own, take the proper prescription.
          • Ultrasounds

            Ultrasounds are safe in pregnancy. Initial ultrasounds are for dating gestation, identifying twin pregnancy, and ruling out an ectopic pregnancy or any genetic or structural abnormalities. Later ultrasounds are for fetal welbeing.
          • Immunisation

            2 doses of tetanus have been replaced now with a single booster T-Dap dose at 7 months. Influenza and covid vaccines are also recommended in pregnancy. Get a proper prescription, no self-administration.
          • Danger signs

            Spotting, Bleeding, Excessive vomiting, Abnormal vaginal discharge, Fever, Burning while passing urine, Pain -continuous- over the abdomen, etc. You must consult a gynecologist for anything that doesn’t seem OK.

          What does our patients say about us
          Pregnancy & ANC Testimonials

          • I came to Dr. Anuradha Tamaria because of checks during my pregnancy. As an foreigner on holiday in Delhi. Dr. Tamaria explained to me with all patience and understanding how she works. I had the 28-week and 30-week check with her. She explained to me very clearly what certain medical terms mean and which vitamins and minerals I definitely had to use. My experience with this doctor and her team are excellent.

          • Dr Anuradha tamaria helped though out my pregnancy and delivery. I was underweight and weak at the time of conception., she guided me in every aspect, all my Anti natal checkup was good and delivered with a healthy child. She is really a very good gynecologist, must visit her.

            Kiran Mehto
          • One of the most reputed Gynecologists in delhi at saket, met Dr. Anuradha when i was pregnanct. She was very good at antenatal care and during delivery also. Dr. Tamaria told us that what will be beneficial and what should be avoided during pregnancy. The way she treats all the patients is adorable. Thanks for all.

            Rajni Msw
          • Pregnancy can be very streefull without proper guidance. I found that guidance through Dr. Anuradha. She explains everything in detail and really made my experience of becoming a mother beautiful. If you are looking for a good gynecologist in saket, I recommend her.

            Artee Reshi

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