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infertility is on rising. Reasons may vary, from delay in pregnancy for career, financial issues, unhealthy lifestyle to stress. Female causes can be responsible for 45-50% of the cases and male causes for 40% of cases. Evaluation of both partners is important. IVF or ICSI is not the only treatment for infertility, treatment varies depending on the cause. Simple treatments like ovulation- induction, timed intercourse, and IUI are there, as well, and effective. Consult your gynaecologist to choose the right treatment for you.

Infertility causes

With advancement of science, its possible for almost all women to experience parenthood.
  • 40-50%
    Female causes
  • 40%
    Male causes
  • 10-20%
    BOTH or unexplained

Methods of Infertility Treatment

What options do we have?
  • Natural Conception

    To imporove your chances of natural conception, you must improve your lifestyle, which include well balanced, anti-oxidents, high-proteion diet, no-smoking, no-stress, and regular exercise or yoga. Also know your fertile p[eriod to maximise your chances of conception.
  • Follicular Monitoring

    Serial ultrasounds are done to monitor the growth of the dominant follicle and to know the exact time of rupture of the follicle. It allows couples to have timed-intercourse to enhance the chances of conception.
  • Ovulation induction

    Medication is prescribed to support the growth of the dominant follicle and for rupture, injections are administered. After which the couple is asked for intercourse within 35-40 hours.
  • IUI - Intrauterine insemination

    IUI — a type of artificial insemination — is a procedure for treating infertility. Sperm that have been washed and concentrated are placed directly in your uterus around the time your ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.
  • IVF - In vitro fertilization

    IVF has long been used for treatment of infertility, especialy iin case of female infertility, but is not an effective treatment in severe male infertility. In IVF, the egg and many sperms are left in a dish to fertilize on their own.
  • ICSI - Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

    In severe male infertility ICSI is more successful technique, compare to tradition IVF. In ICSI, the selected single sperm is directly injected into the egg.

What does our patients say about us
IVF & Infertility Treatment Testimonials

  • I came to Dr. Anuradha Tamaria because of checks during my pregnancy. As an foreigner on holiday in Delhi. Dr. Tamaria explained to me with all patience and understanding how she works. I had the 28-week and 30-week check with her. She explained to me very clearly what certain medical terms mean and which vitamins and minerals I definitely had to use. My experience with this doctor and her team are excellent.

  • Dr. Anuradha is very polite and gentle. She is good at her work too. After my visit I know I can trust her. I would recommend her to others.

    Huzi Dewan
  • I have taken several consults from Dr. Anuradha and have always found her treatment plan and consults always extremely helpful. Dr. Anuradha has excellent hold over her subject and is understanding, friendly and provides detailed information about the problem and the treatment plan that should be undertaken. A thorough professional who is empathetic and skilful. Would highly recommend her!

    Payal Tiwari
  • Dr. Tamaria is a thorough professional and she was very helpful. She explained everything in detail which is very good to know as a patient. Thank you Doctor.

    Kashmiri Bordoloi

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