Brief Explanation of Endometriosis Treatment Options

Endometriosis treatment generally involves medications and at times surgery. The treatment plan that you and your doctor decide to go with will depend on how serious your signs and symptoms are, whether you are hoping to get pregnant or not is another factor as well. Doctors will generally recommend starting off with more conservative forms of treatment, surgery is usually left as a last resort.

Medications For Endometriosis Pain Relief

Endometriosis is accompanied with pain which is similar to menstrual cramping but can be more severe. For the pain doctors generally recommend and over the counter pain reliever such ibuprofen, Motrin IB, Advil etc. which are NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or Aleve, naproxen, etc. If however the maximum dose of these medications is not providing complete pain relief, another approach may have to taken to manage your pain and symptoms.

Hormone Therapy

EndometriosisThere are times in which supplemental hormones can be effective in reducing or completely eliminating the pain associated with endometriosis. The way in which hormones rise and drop during a menstrual cycle causes the endometrial implants to thicken after which they break down and bleed.

The growth of endometrial tissue can be slowed down with hormone medication, it may also prevent new endometrial tissue implants. That being said, hormone therapy will not permanently fix endometriosis, symptoms could return once your hormone therapy treatment has concluded.

A few therapies which may be used as endometriosis treatment are as follows:

Hormonal Contraceptives

The hormones which are responsible for endometrial tissue building upi can be controlled with birth control pills, vaginal rings and patches and wneb using a hormonal contraceptive, most women tend to have lighter and shorter menstrual flows. With the use of hormonal contraceptives, particularly continuous cycle regimens, the pain associated with mild to moderate endometriosis can be reduced or eliminated.

Progestin Therapy

A contraceptive which is progestin only, such as Morena which is an intrauterine device. a contraceptive injection such as Depo-Provera is a contraceptive implant may stop menstrual periods as well as the growth of endometrial implants, this can help to relieve the symptoms and signs.


This is a drug that by blocking the production of hormones which stimulate the ovaries preventing a menstrual cycle and therefore endometritis, it will suppress that growth of the endometrium. That being said, due to the serious side effects associated with danazol which, if you were to become pregnant while on the medication could be harmful to your baby, this may not be an optimal choice.

Keep in mind that the last option would of course be surgery, this is something that you and your doctor would have to discuss and decide. It is however very important that you find a doctor that you are comfortable with who will help you to manage as well as treat your endometriosis. Getting a second opinion before actually beginning any sort of treatment is always a good idea, this is to guarantee that you are aware of all of your options as well as the possible outcomes.

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